Wandering in Darkness: Narrative and the Problem of Suffering

Wandering in Darkness Wandering in Darkness Oxford University Press

Eleonore Stump

Oxford University Press, 2011

Stump takes up the subject of suffering in this impressive work, which she feels is a more apropos word than evil.  It is the suffering that is the result of evil that is painful for humans.

It may seem to be a dense book, but it is written with clarity and warmth as she brings us a closer look the stories of the lives of people, including biblical ones, to examine someting we are all familiar with but have not been able to truly understand or articulate until now. 

"Noted Aquinas scholar Stump weaves together theology, philosophy, and biblical studies in a comprehensive exploration of suffering and redemption.... her rigorous, careful argumentation and outstanding use of Scripture in the service of analytic philosophy make this an important book for studies of theology and philosophy of religion.... Highly recommended". -Choice

"Stump's book is original, insightful, and brilliant. This magnum opus is the product of measured thought and mature experience. In it, Stump mounts a strong, lucid defense of a traditional Christian...understanding of the problem of suffering (limited in her investigation to the suffering of fully functional adult persons). To do this, she uses both analytic philosophy and narratives... The philosophy is excellent... those who share the Thomistic worldview will also find Stump's reflections to be deeply moving reminders of the excellence and wonder of God's love." - Religious Studies Review

Stump's thorough explicatoin of this subject developed over various lecture series.  She is Saint Louis University's Robert J. Henle, SJ, Professor of Philosophy.   Since 1992 she has taught there.

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