The God Theory: Universes, Zero-Point Fields, and What's Behind It All

The God Theory The God Theory Weiser Books

Bernard Haisch

Weiser Books, 2009


An exploration of God and consciousness from a scientific perspective which takes into account quantum theory and light, spirit and matter, and God as the source of it all.

Haisch, who has been an astrophysicist at Berkeley and Lockheed-Martin, explores our biggest questions about the underlying force in the universe, how we can identify that source as God, and how that God energy manisfests in matter. He describes his  curiosity about these issues which drew him to astronomy since childhood and proceeds to explain how God fits into the universe as we understand it--and as we may not have yet considered.


"Physicist Haisch thinks "Let there be light" isn't just a randomly chosen phrase for the Creation. Indeed, he believes that in the mysteries of light rest clues to the deepest mysteries of the universe, something he calls God, though he doesn't mean by that word the personification that some believers prefer.... Haisch goes one step further by attempting to find a scientific explanation for the phenomenon generally called God. Light, that familiar but utterly mysterious force, is the key to such an understanding. Readable and engaging...."  - Booklist

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