About Us

Susan Whiteman Susan Whiteman

Faith in Books was created by a clergywoman who, like you, seeks intimacy with God and a greater appreciation for the divine love all around us. We are inspired by the words of those who traveled before us on the path and want to learn from their wisdom, taking heart from the books we find along the way. Yet there are also new voices to be heard and responded to.

History is once again in a period of transformation, with exciting social and political change led by people of all faiths, ages, and colors coming together in hopes of a greater future of world of justice, peace, and unity. Amidst the turbulence of our time,  Christians are searching for guidance.

We hunger for a sense of belonging, assurance, and connection with one another and with God through our various faith expressions--contemplative prayer, Celtic spirituality, the spiritual mothers and fathers of the ages, contemporary, and younger faith leaders and thinkers. Many of us have taken ancient practices and made them fresh, or sought a new direction in different traditions. Often the direction and inspiration we seek speak to us from the pages of books.

Many of the books selected we have found personally inspiring and turn to again and again, but we're always on the lookout for the latest trends in religious and social thought which can inform and enrich our lives. At Faith in Books, we want to share our enthusiasm for these wonderful, life-changing books with you by providing a carefully chosen selection of favorites and as well as new discoveries. Our hope is that the books you find here will begin to satisfy those longings for inner peace, a united human family, a better planet and bring you closer to understanding your life in the context of your faith and the world around you. May you find companionship, challenge, and comfort in their words.


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