Sunday, 05 March 2017 17:22

Temptation at Our Feet

This is an occasional blog where I hope to write about the things that matter most at the moment. In this era of uncertainty, American Christians who are appalled, shocked, and terrified of the current social and political conditions of this country must speak.  If we have faith, we must use it.

Last Sunday's gospel text in Matthew 4:1-11 of the Temptations of Jesus traditionally begins the season of Lent. This year that selection seems even more fitting for Christians who recognize that as a nation we, too, are in a wilderness--a wilderness of fear and hate, greed and despair, and a widening divide between factions that no human can seem to surmount. For those of us who might feel that a national Lent began over six weeks ago and what lies ahead is a long, tortuous road to the passion and death of our democratic republic as we believed it is and would always be, despite its many flaws and tragedies, Christ’s temptations are an emphatic reminder of our own and the test to which God calls us in these times.