Edward J. Blum 

Paul Harvey

University of North Carolina Press, 2012 


Edward J. Blum and Paul Harvey, both university professors, collaborate to trace American portrayal of the color of Jesus Christ and its profound effect on creating and shaping United States history, society, and religion.

Jim Marion

Hampton Roads Publishing, 2002

A contemporary mystic, Marion delves into the meaning of the gospels from the perspective of Jesus' message of non-duality and development of levels of consciousness.  This book is a favorite in the contemplative movement.

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Jean-Yves Leloup

Inner Traditions, 2006

In deeper pursuit of the Jesus and Mary Magdalene mystery, LeLoup presents a thorough investigation of the scripture in order to explore and understand their profoundly transformative spiritual relationship.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Edited by Manfred Weber

Westminster John Knox Press, 1996

This is a small collection of Bonhoeffer's superlative meditations and thoughts on the the Cross of Jesus Christ, on its purpose by God and its meaning for Christians, drawn from various writings.  It is a wonderful book for Lent and Easter as well as for anyone seeking a focus for their own devotion and reflection.

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Jurgen Moltmann

Fortress Press, 1993

"This is Jürgen Moltmann's best and therefore most important book. He has substantially changed the central thrust of his theology without sacrificing its most vital element, its passionate concern for alleviation of the world's suffering." -Langdon Gilkey


N. T. Wright

Fortress Press, 2003

The meaning of the resurrection of Christ is the subject of this book by the Anglican biblical theologian and popular author. It's a treasure trove of information and insight and must-reading for those looking for a thorough study on the resurrection as understood in the First and Second Testaments.


J. Philip Newell

Jossey-Bass, 2008

Celtic spirituality author and theologian, Newell is internationally recognized for his work towards what he calls "recovery" of that  early tradition in European Christianity.  It is  beautifully written with sensitivity to the joy and pain of life.

Sister Wendy Beckett

Orbis Books, 2010

As she did in her pilgrimage to find the earliest icons of Mary in her last book, Encounters with God, Beckett goes the distance to see these exquisite icons of Jesus and the saints as she journeys to their various places on the globe.

Marvin Meyer and James M. Robinson

HarperCollins, 2009

With a resurgence in the interest in the noncanonical gospels, particularly the gospels of Thomas, Philip, Mary, and Judas, Robinson and Meyer have made a brand new translation of these scriptures which were found in 1945 and first bought to publication in 1978.

Karen L. King

Polebridge Press, 2003

King's groundbreaking exploration of the Gospel of Mary considers the relationship of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, its implications for the church, and the significance of the gospel for Christianity.

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