Daniel Ladinsky, translator

Penguin Compass, 1999

This collection by the Persian poet Hafiz of 250 poems illustrates why he, like Rumi (born a century earlier) is also an admired favorite throughout history. Hafiz's approach is more direct and blunter at times, yet as a Sufi master, he too shares a mystical relationship with God as the Beloved and Friend.

Mark Willliams

Lulu, 2009 

This refreshing volume of poetry by Williams, a spiritual director and author, is like a soft rain on spring buds. His poems celebrate the exhuberance and abundance of the beauty of life and the wonder of God's love.

Jelauddin Rumi

Coleman Barks and John Moyne, translators

Shambhala, 2000 

This volume of Rumi's poems is from his Mathnawi, the six volumes of poetry which he wrote in the last tweleve years of his life, translated by Coleman Barks, his highly regarded prolific translator.  In his introduction, Coleman includes stories about Rumi's llfe. Once again, the poet beautifully explores our compelling longing for the divine love and God's yearning for us. The selections from the Mathnawi feature animals in many of the poems. The poems are followed by several correspondence to business people, friends, and family.  Those who pleasure in the divine life-force in all living creatures, and espcially as Rumi savors it, will want to have this book of his too,


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Judith Valente

Charles Reynard

Loyola Press, 2006 

This unusual book is a compilation of poems which invite spiritual reflection and short essays about the poems and their authors and other prose on matters of the spirit and heart. 

Mary Oliver

Penguin Press, 2012 

The beloved contemporary poet's newest volume of poetry about the mysteries of nature, life, and death.


Rachel Barenblat

Phoenicia Publishing, 2011


Rachel Barenblat is a Jewish Renewal rabbi, poet, and blogger whose poetry has been published in various periodicals and her own books. 70 Faces: Torah Poems is a reference to "There are seventy faces to Torah" from Bamidbar Rabbah 13:15, a midrash on the Book of Numbers.

Annemarie Schimmel

Shambhala Publications, 2001

Schimmel, internationally renowned Sufism scholar and Harvard professor emerita, takes the reader on a journey of Rumi's life and his spiritual path along with knowledgeable perspective on his poetry.

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Kay Ryan

Grove Press, 2011

Pulitizer prize winner and former American Poet Laureate  (2008-2010) Ryan offers a collection of her poems, which are not merely "accessible," but real.  They are often compared to haikus, but they are in a longer version.


Daniel Ladinsky, translator

Penguin Compass, 2002

Here is a selection of divine poetry by Christian and Muslim mystics: Rumi, St. Francis of Assisi, Hafiz, St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and others.

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 Coleman Barks

HarperOne, 2006  

A book of a year's poetry by the most popular poet in America, the 13th century Sufi mystic, Jelauddin Rumi. Barks, his best-known translator and editor, offers a wide selection of favorites for daily inspiration.

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