Beginnner's Grace: Bringing Prayer to Life

Beginner's Grace Beginner's Grace Free Press

Kate Braestrup

Free Press, 2010

In this her fourth book, Braestrup really does bring prayer into the everyday life with her family and as a Maine Warden chaplain.  Her tone is self-effacing as she is humbled by the encounters she has with all kinds of circumstances and their miraculous mundanities.

"Braestrup’s book is appropriately named, particularly the subtitle. But with the author’s tendency to ask provoking, often humorous questions, one must ask, does she mean bringing prayer to life as in giving it power or bringing prayer into people’s daily lives, even the embarrassing parts? The answer is both. A Unitarian Universalist minister, Braestrup is astute, entertaining, and scholarly in suggesting prayers from myriad faiths that have served countless generations, including this one. There are prayers for almost every occasion.... She invites people to make up their own prayers.... This confirms the comfort and grace afforded by prayer and its power to reveal the beauty of life, warts and all. Amen."   -Booklist (Susan DeGrane)

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