Valerie K. Isenhower

Upper Room Books, 2012


Isenhower, a photographer based in New Mexico, takes the reader through the spiritual process of photographing  scene. It is a spiritual journey for the photographer of centering, listening, waiting, being attentive, seeing the story, practicing silence, healing, and ending the day,

Amy Lonetree

University of North Carolina Press, 2012


This book examines how the history of Native Americans is told through museum exhibits.  Professor Lonetree looks at the growing voice of American Indians in the creation of exhibitions about their own story and how museums can convey Native culture within the context of Native American experience of genocide, and other unresolved trauma, and bring these momentous issues into exhibit rooms.

Andy Carr and Michael Wood

Shambhala Publications, 2011


The photographer authors take a Buddhist mindfulness approach to helping readers photographer to see with new eyes the world around them, noticing the details in the present moment and the beauty in the ordinary.

Elizabeth Steele Halstead, Paul Detterman,

Joyce Borger & John D. Witvliet, editors

Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2010

This creative "devotional commentary" on the Letter to the Phillipians is augmented with the words and art of well known writers and artists of the twentieth century.

Sister Wendy Beckett

Orbis Books, 2009

In her latest book, international bestselling author and art historian, Beckett explores the first icons of Mary still in existence and written in the beginning centuries of Christianity.


Sister Wendy Beckett

Orbis Books, 2010

As she did in her pilgrimage to find the earliest icons of Mary in her last book, Encounters with God, Beckett goes the distance to see these exquisite icons of Jesus and the saints as she journeys to their various places on the globe.