Meredith Gould

Liturgical Press, 2016

Sociologist Meredith Gould has written an insightful, humorous guide for those of us beginning on the path of spiritual development as well as those seasoned travelers yearning for new experiences. Rather than urging people to follow a particular practice which appeals to her, Gould encourages readers to find one that suits their needs, personality, and daily lives.

Mary A. DeJong, editor and compiler

CreateSpace, 2011


This little book offers a marvelous collection of Celtic prayers which are selected to lead the pilgrim-to-be through various stages of the journey to island of Iona, Scotland, the spiritual haven of the early Celtic church and once home of a monastery. But for those of us not traveling there, it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the wonders of creation through the particular lens of Celtic Christians.

Anne Lamott

Riverhead (Penguin), 2012 


Beloved bestsellling author Anne Lamott's latest book is about her prayers for the struggles, gratitude, and joy we experience in life and want to talk about with God.  She shows us how to pray throughout our day for the things that matter to us, our loved ones, and to the world.

KJ Wuest

Wipf and Stock, 2012

Author, spiritual director, lay minister, and artist, KJ Wuest has written a set of prayers directly out of her own experience of reaching out to God in moments of need.  Whether she is in the car, leaving the house to go to work, or in a coffee shop, her words are rich with the authenticity of longing for God's guidance and love.

J. Philip Newell

Paulist Press, 1997


Renowned Celtic author and scholar J.Philip Newell adapts ancient Gaelic prayers for morning and evening in a lovely  six-day devotional from the spiritual community on the island of Iona off the western shores of Scotland. 

John Philip Newell

Tobi Kahn, illustrator

New Beginnings, 2012


Celtic spirituality author and scholar John Philp Newell has a new American edition of Sounds of the Eternal,  a psalter of Celtic prayers for morning and nighttime inspired by Jewish scripture.

Elise S. Eslinger, editor

Upper Room Books, 2006

This unique worship book centers on spiritual formation and contains liturgies, settings for psalms, and hymns which are thoughtfully chosen for their focus on spiritual life, including those from the Taize community. Published by the United Methodist Church, it is a wonderful resource for various worship services and retreats, as well as family and personal devotion.  


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William A. Barry, S. J.

Ave Maria Press, 2009

Jesuit and spiritual director Barry first published this book in 1991.  Now in paperback, in it he shares his practices of the Exercises of St. Ignatius as they were originally intended for individual study and practice.

Thomas Merton

Thich Nhat Hanh, Foreword

Doubleday Image, 1971

In his classic on prayer, Thomas Merton explores the influences of prayer from Western and Eastern monastic Christian history, such as St. John of the Cross, and Buddhism of the East. 


Roberta C. Bondi

Fortress Press, 1991


Bondi, a retired professor of early church history and author of To Love as God Loves, focuses on the prayer of the desert  mothers and fathers and what we learn about prayer from the wisdom of their experience. She examines the struggles of all of us to develop a deeper relationship with God through prayer and shows us path to a fuller life of prayer as the monastics taught.

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