Richard I. Pervo 

Polebridge Press, 2008

Biblcial scholar Pervo's focus has been on the Book of Acts, a text unique to the Second Testament.  His conclusive book explores its purpose, its history, and its meaning for Christian faith and worship.

J. Louis Martyn

Westminster John Knox, 2003

Martyn's book was originally published in 1968, presenting groundbreaking scholarly research regarding the Johannine community and the community's unique significance and impact on the gospel of John.

Robert Tomson Fortna

Augsburg Fortress, 2000

Robert Fortna continues in the first part of the book his pioneering exploration of the source material of the Gospel of John with commentary on the source and redactions.  In the second part explicates the theological and christological development of John's community within their social and cultural experience.

Richard Rohr

St. Anthony Messenger, 2008

Richard Rohr looks lovingly at Scripture in a new way for our times as post-millennial Christians. He shows us how love and abundance in the Word of God are available to us and our relationships in the everyday stresses of life. Things Hidden has just been released as a CD.


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N. T. Wright

HarperOne, 2011

Anglican bishop and scholar Wright's latest book is a revised and previously expanded from his book The Last Word (2006), Wright sets forth a new model for understanding and applying the Bible amidst the conflicting perspectives and aims of its readers, where one can truly listen and hear the word of God.

Cynthia Bourgeault

New Seeds, 2006

Contemplative priest Bourgeault leads her readers into the ancient practice of chanting psalmody and the beauty of the results for spiritual awakening and healing.

W. Phillip Keller

Zondervan, 2008

This bestselling book, originally published in 1993, is appreciated for its unique and knowledgeable perspective on the 23rd Psalm: a journalist and agrologist, Keller was once a shepherd himself!

Bruno Barnhart

Wipf and Stock, 2008

Barnhardt takes the wisdom tradition perspective of gleaning the deep insights in the Fourth Gospel, viewing Jesus as the human manifestation of God's divinity and truth.

Marianne Race, CSJ

Laurie Brink, OP

Wipf and Stock, 2008

The liturgical readings of the church year are set against the inspiring landscape of the Holy Land, as lectionary Scripture is paired with photographs and thoughtful reflections on the land of faith.

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Edwin Robertson, editor and translator

Zondervan, 2002

This small volume is a collection of various writings of Bonhoeffer on a number of the psalms of the First Testatment.

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