Carmen Acevedo Butcher, translator

Shambhala, 2009

In a new translation of the 14th century classic of Christian mysticism, Butcher, who is the author of Incandescence: 365 Readings with Women Mystics, brings to life the words of the unknown monk whose letters here instruct a student of mysticism on the way to reach a union with God through his practical advice on prayer and mediation that is accessible to all readers.

Don Carroll

Little Creek Publishing,  2011

In the second novel in The Consciousness Trilogy, Carroll (author of A Lawyer's Guide to Healing and Hacking Toward Consciousness) deepens his theme of human consciousness and the call to awaken to our true selves as he explores next the trance of society's ego as revealed in the failure of our contemporary democracy. 

Richard Rohr

Loyola Press, 2010

Rohr's years of commitment to men's spirituality comes together in this treasure of collected meditations from his writings.  The book is patterned, not by the year, but by stages of journey of awakening and development for men who struggle in our culture to become fully realized humans. 

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William Johnston

Fordham University Press, 1997

This brilliant book was originally published in 1978 during the earliest beginnings of the mysticism movement.  Johnston is an Irish Jesuit priest who has a deep understanding of the mystic spiritual path.

Richard Rohr

St. Anthony Messenger, 2011

The subject of Rohr's newest book, the second this year, is based on his view that the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is the most significant and authentic contribution of America to the history of spirituality.

Don Carroll

CreateSpace, 2012


The Armageddon Choice by Don Carroll (author of Hacking Toward Consciousness and The End of Democracy) is the third novel in The Consciousness Trilogy. In his remarkable way, Carroll brings his trilogy to a conclusion by weaving themes of awareness, unity, and quantum theory, this time on a universal scale, into another exciting story of mystery, suspense, and romance in the wisdom fiction genre.

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