State of Wonder

State of Wonder State of Wonder Harper

Ann Patchett

Harper, 2011

Patchett's newest novel takes place in Brazil, Amazon country, and the heroine of the story is Dr. Marina Singh, a research scientist with a Minnesota pharmaceutical company sent there to find her mentor, Annick Swenson, who is researching a drug with great promise for healing. The mysterious death of her research partner, Anders Eckamn, who was the last to see Swenson is part of the mystery in this acclaimed novel which explores the depths of its characters as much as it does the Amazon jungle.


“A superbly rendered novel. . . . Patchett’s portrayal is as wonderful as it is frightening and foreign. Patchett exhibits an extraordinary ability to bring the horrors and the wonders of the Amazon jungle to life, and her singular characters are wonderfully drawn. . . . Powerful and captivating.” - Library Journal (starred review) )


“Emotionally lucid. . . . Patchett is at her lyrical best when she catalogues the jungle.” -The New Yorker

“An expansive page-turner . . . Patchett’s fluid prose dissolves in the suspense of this out-there adventure . . . that readers will hate to see end.” - Publishers Weekly (starred review)