Don Carroll

CreateSpace, 2012


The Armageddon Choice by Don Carroll (author of Hacking Toward Consciousness and The End of Democracy) is the third novel in The Consciousness Trilogy. In his remarkable way, Carroll brings his trilogy to a conclusion by weaving themes of awareness, unity, and quantum theory, this time on a universal scale, into another exciting story of mystery, suspense, and romance in the wisdom fiction genre.

Don Carroll

Little Creek Publishing,  2011

In the second novel in The Consciousness Trilogy, Carroll (author of A Lawyer's Guide to Healing and Hacking Toward Consciousness) deepens his theme of human consciousness and the call to awaken to our true selves as he explores next the trance of society's ego as revealed in the failure of our contemporary democracy. 

Ann Patchett

Harper, 2011

Patchett's newest novel takes place in Brazil, Amazon country, and the heroine of the story is Dr. Marina Singh, a research scientist with a Minnesota pharmaceutical company sent there to find her mentor, Annick Swenson, who is researching a drug with great promise for healing. The mysterious death of her research partner, Anders Eckamn, who was the last to see Swenson is part of the mystery in this acclaimed novel which explores the depths of its characters as much as it does the Amazon jungle.


Don Carroll

CreateSpace, 2011

Carroll, author (A Lawyer's Guide to Healing) and spiritual director, has created a new literary genre, wisdom fiction, with his first novel in The Consciousness Trilogy. This story is both an exciting suspense mystery and a journey of profound spiritual discovery.  It's an intriguing plot which centers around a missing woman, Melissa Dowling, and the search for her by William Dawson, her lover and a former CIA agent.

Lisa Genova

Gallery, 2011

The newest novel by the author of the bestseller Still Alice, this story is about a woman in her thirties who experiences a head injury as a result of a car accident.   The consequences and impact on her and her family are told in affecting narrative.

Marcus Borg

HarperOne, 2010

Biblical theologian Borg's first novel is about those issues which the contemporary church is wrestling with: the nature of Jesus, acceptance of homosexuality, and the literary origins of the Bible.  He places these issues in the life of Kate, a professor who enjoys her life and work and finds those threatened when faced with responses to her honest answers to these difficult questions.


David Grossman

Knopf Doubleday, 2010

"[Grossman] weaves the essences of private life into the tapestry of history with deliberate and delicate skill...