The Case for God

The Case for God The Case for God Random House

Karen Armstrong

Random House, 2009

In another brilliant study, Armstrong looks at the attempt of all religions, but especially Christianity, to express the reality of God and the changes through many millennia in human ideas about God.

She follows the path of history as religion meets up against reason, science, and modern society. Then Armstrong turns to the current trend of atheism, seeing it as a reflection of our culture, yet argues we have a need for faith now in a world such as this one.

"Fascinating journey through Western civilization's ongoing attempts to understand and explain the concept of God. Celebrated religion scholar Armstrong (The Bible: A Biography, 2007, etc.) creates more than a history of religion; she effectively demonstrates how the West (broadly speaking) has grappled with the existence of deity and captured the concept in words, art and ideas...."  -Kirkus Reviews

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