The Pope Who Quit: A True Medieval Tale of Mystery, Death, and Salvation

The Pope Who Quit The Pope Who Quit Doublelday Image

Jon M. Sweeney

Image Doubleday, 2012


This book tells the history of an unusual event in the thirteenth century when Peter Morrone, a religious hermit and founder of his own order, was chosen to be Pope Celestine V.

The intrigue of the dramatic events surrounding his election and his abdication six months later are compelling.  Sweeney has written an accessibly well-told  history which would be of interest to those who are curious about the history of Roman Catholic papacy and the medieval church.  But it is also a study of the conflicting worlds of  contemplation of a reclusive hermit and that of action in the politics of power in the highest office, and perhaps offers an opportunity to reflect on the impact of Christians' interpretation of  the message of Jesus and his followers and the role of the church in the history of the world.


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