Columbarium Columbarium University of Chicago Press

Susan Stewart

University of Chicago, 2005

Published in hardcover in 2003, Stewart's breathtaking volume of poetry is a wonderful discovery.  Her poems have a startling impact as they reflect on the odd moments and everyday phenomenon which are crucial to living.

"Wonderfully imaginative.... Each of the poems takes a radically different form, and no two are alike. It's as if the endless mutability and metamorphic power of nature find an echo in a series of malleable poetic forms." - Edward Hirsch, "Poet's Choice," Washington Post

"A profoundly imagined book, this is one of the most impressive and serious volumes of poetry to come out in the last five years. This is a book worth owning and returning to over many years....An essential poetry, a poetry of essences and elements, coupled with an awareness of existential transience." - Maureen L. McLane, Chicago Tribune


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