The Global Forest

The Global Forest The Global Forest Viking Press

Diana Beresford-Kroeger

Viking Press, 2010


Diana Beresford-Kroeger's bestselling book has the potential to profoundly affect the way we see the natural world.

In the tradition of Lewis Thomas' Lives of a Cell, this collection of forty essays explores the biological, ecological, historical, and spiritual significance of one of our most vital and precious resources for life, trees: especially the ancient forests of their origins and the long-term ramifications of our demolishment of these sanctuaries.

The author illuminates for the reader the ways in which trees and shrubs benefit our health, indeed our very survival, and how we misunderstand and misuse—and in some cases under-use—them. As a botanist and medical biochemist, Beresford-Kroeger has devoted her life to the study and care of trees and has a unique understanding of the crucial relationship of trees to our well-being on earth.  In her view, we are paying a frightening price by continuing to destroy their habitat—and ours—in our ever-widening economic and industrial expansion. These essays are lyrical written in the tradition of Beresford-Kroeger's native Ireland, and her profound appreciation for the divine beauty and harmony of nature shines through on every page.

 “On occasion, someone understands a subject so deeply that information is transmuted into wisdom. This book marks one of those occasions--it is rich and hopeful and compelling in a quiet, insistent way.” -Bill McKibben, author of Earth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet

“A homage to the power of trees…[Beresford-Kroeger’s] groundbreaking research is helping us understand how trees not only breathe and communicate, but also reproduce, heal, and nurture.  You have simply to read one of the 40 short chapters of her book, which weaves together ecology, science, and spirituality, to be absorbed into the invisible, magic world where ‘the kings of the forest’ resides.” -The Ecologist