Lincoln's Greatest Speech: The Second Inaugural

Lincoln's Greatest Speech Lincoln's Greatest Speech Simon & Schuster

Ronald C. White Jr.

Simon & Schuster, 2002

Historian White tells the intriguing story of the spiritual development of Abraham Lincoln through the Civil War as ultimately expressed in his Second Inaugural Address which was given at America's most decisive moment and just weeks before the president's assassination.

Lincoln's profound understanding of our nation's path in the midst of such a long and bloody war is a revelation of his moral strength and wisdom. White examines the ideas and thoughts which Lincoln expressed to his people, carefully analyzes the address, and follows the trail of history until after the death of Lincoln. Readers have a thoroughly researched historical background and a glimpse into the mind of this extraordinary thinker and leader who was our greatest president. Lincoln's Greatest Speech is a powerful and illuminating book about the most inspired and stirring speech in our nation's history. 


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