Mary Oliver

Penguin Press, 2012 

The beloved contemporary poet's newest volume of poetry about the mysteries of nature, life, and death.


Sixth Edition

Paul J. Kaufmann

Kendall Hunt Publishing, 2010

English and debate professor Kaufmann has written a unique book which is devoted to the ways we listen in our lives: in communities, between cultures, within relationships, and to ourselves.  He covers all aspects of listening encounters and how we can be discerning amidst the impact of the consumer society.

Mark Willliams

Lulu, 2009 

This refreshing volume of poetry by Williams, a spiritual director and author, is like a soft rain on spring buds. His poems celebrate the exhuberance and abundance of the beauty of life and the wonder of God's love.

Yossi Klein Halevi

HarperCollins, 2001

Halevi, an American-born Israeli, goes on a search to understand the Muslims and Christians who live with him in Israel and the spiritual heritage they share.

Judith Valente

Charles Reynard

Loyola Press, 2006 

This unusual book is a compilation of poems which invite spiritual reflection and short essays about the poems and their authors and other prose on matters of the spirit and heart. 

Mary C. Earle

Morehouse Publishing, 2012


Earle is author of Beginning Again: Wisdom for Living with Illness.  She writes from her own experience of  chronic illness, focusing again on the body in her newest book. Specifically, she composed meditations and exercises on a parts of the body which are to be practiced spiritually and physically. Earle leads readers through a greater appreciation of the human body and the organs which enable its life.

Jan L. Richardson

Wanton Gospeller Press, 2010 


United Methodist minister and author of In the Sanctuary with Women, Richardson explores the layers of meaning in the darkness of Advent through her prose, poetry, and collages in this unique book of reflections which invites us into the beauty of the season's depths.

Valerie K. Isenhower

Upper Room Books, 2012


Isenhower, a photographer based in New Mexico, takes the reader through the spiritual process of photographing  scene. It is a spiritual journey for the photographer of centering, listening, waiting, being attentive, seeing the story, practicing silence, healing, and ending the day,

J. Brent Bill

Paraclete Press, 2005

J. Brent Bill is a widely-known Quaker author and leader. So his understanding of that spiritual heritage (formally called the Society of Friends) has deep roots and his articulation of it is well-informed, inspiring, and warmly presented. He guides readers into a wonderful introduction to Quaker history and theology, emphasizing particularly the concept of silence as the sacramental presence of Christ:"..we believe that when our hearts, minds, and souls are still, and we wait expectantly in holy silence, that the presence of Christ comes among us." (p. 3). 

Roger Hutchison

Foreword by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso

Morehouse Publishing, 2013

An artist and Canon for Children's Ministries, Hutchison understands the benefits of artistic expression and the needs of children--and all of us--to express our feelings through art and creativity. His unique book allows individuals and groups to share the variety of emotions and reflections in times of joy and grief.

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