Richard Rohr

Andreas Ebert

Crossroad Publishing, 2001

In this new edition since their first bestseller, Discovering the Enneagram, the authors give detailed descriptions of each type and offer their perspective on the roots of the Enneagram in the Christian tradition and its value in spiritual development.

Helen Palmer

HarperOne, 1995

Here is the classic book on the Enneagram and relationships by the world's most knowledgable and experienced teacher on the Enneagram, an ancient personality typology.

David Daniels, M. D.

Virginia Price, Ph. D.

HarperOne, 2009

A new edition of the bestseller by Daniels, a Stanford psychiatrist and one the world's leading Enneagram teachers, and Price, the late pioneer in psychological testing. The authors show readers how to find their Enneagram type through a unique test which has been statistically proven for accuracy of self-identification of type.

Helen Palmer

HarperOne, 1995

This handy and popular book gives an abbreviated version of Palmer's descriptions of the Enneagram types from The Enneagram in Love & Work and is very useful to carry with you for easy reference.  Take an Enneagram expert wherever you go!

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Helen Palmer

HarperOne, 1991

This is the groundbreaking book by Palmer, international bestselling author and teacher of the Enneagram, which helped bring the Enneagram into the mainstream.

Susan Rhodes

Geranium Press, 2009

Rhodes takes a look at the Enneagarm from a positive, inspiring perspective, and gives support to all of us within our type's motivations and dynamics.

Susan Rhodes

Geranium Press, 2010

Rhodes, author of The Positive Enneagram, further explores the Enneagram subtypes within the nine types through exemplars in order for the reader to have a deeper comprehension of each subtype's motivations and ways of being in the world.

Sandra Maitri

Jeremy P. Tarcher, 2001

Respected Enneagram teacher Maitri, a follower of A. H. Almaas and the Diamond Heart School, presents a unique perspective on the Enneagram, looking at the features of each type as expressed in childhood and through its particular passion and essence.

Don Riso and Russ Hudson

Designed by Joyce Stenstrom

The Enneagram Institute, 2005

This is an absolutely unique way to discover your Enneagram style and that of others.  With ninety cards identify ten traits of each of the nine Enneagram types, participants have lots of flexibility to work it out for themselves in different ways described in the instructions.  It's a wonderfully intuitive, interactive, and fun process.


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Don Richard Riso

Russ Hudson

Bantam Books, 1999


In this classic explanation of the Enneagram, these two internationally known teachers and authors describe their understanding of the levels of development of type as well as offer helpful suggestions for personal growth.

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