Thieves in the Temple: The Christian Church and the Selling of the American Soul

Thieves in the Temple Thieves in the Temple Basic Books

G. Jeffrey MacDonald

Basic Books, 2010

A critique of American  Protestant churches' acquiescience to consumerism, MacDonald raises serious concerns about the  current state of congregations.

"A journalist and United Church of Christ ordained minister, MacDonald,...bemoans the rise of America's religious marketplace, taking church leaders to task for caving in to pressure to provide inoffensive, low-threshold environments that keep members comfortable.... MacDonald rebukes both fast-growing megachurches and mainline Protestants for not holding members to high Christian standards.... MacDonald's journalistic prowess makes this book a thought-provoking challenge to today's church." - Publishers Weekly

“With deft analysis and uncommon wisdom, Jeffrey MacDonald has produced a devastating critique of the cult of consumerism and easy affirmation that has corrupted American Protestantism in recent years. Thieves in the Temple is the finest, most perceptive book on Protestant life in America in a very long time.” -Randall Balmer


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