Kenneth E. Kovacs

Parson's Porch &

Book Publishing Company, 2016

Ken Kovacs, pastor at Catonsville Presbyterian Church outside Baltimore, presents a superb collection of sermons and essays in his new book, Out of the Depths. Its title draws on the story in Luke when Jesus directs Simon and his fellow fishermen to go out deeper into the lake of Gennesaret and throw their fishnets over the side of their boat.  In doing so, they bring up an enormous haul of fish which nearly breaks their nets. Likewise, Kovacs has drawn out of the depths in writings that are grounded in thorough biblical knowledge and Reformed theology and illuminated by the breadth of his intellectual curiosity and, in particular, his study of Jungian psychology. Kovacs points out that C. G. Jung’s unique spiritual perspective on the human journey as a psychiatrist raised in the Reformed tradition enabled him to shed light on the struggles and failures of the contemporary Protestant Church and create imaginative symbols in the often-arid Calvinist domain.

Joan Chittister

Bluebridge, 2012

In her newest book, Joan Chittister offers a statement grounded in the precepts of Benedictine rule to follow in the 21st century which gives meaning to those who are seeking for spiritual meaning to their lives.  In the Appendix, Chittister provides a version of the Benedictine Rule for the reader.

Emmanuel Katangole

Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2010 

Professor and priest, Katangole reflects on the political and spiritual crisis in African countries and concludes that hope lies in churches willingness and readiness to lead the way to change and sacrifice. Through examples of individual sacrifice and commitment, conflict can be overcome and replaced by a new future.


David Steindl-Rast

Doubleday Image, 2010


A close line-by-line reading of the Apostles' Creed, which reveals the inclusive and universal aspect of Christian faith and love to be found in a deeper spiritual awareness. An inspiring and refreshing look at foundational creed.  Foreword is by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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Marcus J. Borg

HarperOne, 2011

Bestselling, groundbreaking author and theologian Borg examines our interpretations of significant biblical words for Christians and how as a result, they have narrowed our scope of our religious understanding.


Immaculee Ilibagiza

Hay House, 2009

Ilibagiza, the author of Left to Tell. continues the incredible and inspiring story of her survival of the 1994 genocide in her native country: her search for a new beginning, and discovery of a new life in the United States.

Martin Thielen

Westminster John Knox Press, 2011

For those Christians who have doubts about their own faith and their doubts about Christian faith, this is unique, pastoral guide. 

Fred Rogers

Hyperion, 2006

This book might seem a bit lightweight, but it's not: Mister Rogers' simple yet profound words on the important things in life are a testimony to his deep reservoir of faith and generous heart.

G. Jeffrey MacDonald

Basic Books, 2010

A critique of American  Protestant churches' acquiescience to consumerism, MacDonald raises serious concerns about the  current state of congregations.

Karen Armstrong

Knopf, 2010

In her newest book, Armstrong has developed a twelve-step process to help the reader to cultivate compassion, a quality which can be found in all religions.

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