Drew G.I. Hart

Herald Press, 2016

In this his first book, Hart, a Mennonite pastor and theology professor at Messiah College, has written on a subject that has cast a shadow over this land for 500 years: our racialized society and how the American church colludes in it. In particular, he examines how vertical structures of power create false distinctions and oppress, and he calls Christians instead to hold onto “the way, the truth, and the life” of the biblical Jesus.

Will D. Campbell

Continuum, 1977

This award-winning book is the autobiography of Will D. Campbell, Baptist minister and Civil Rights supporter from Mississippi. He tells the story of his early growing-up years, in particular his close relationship with his older brother, Joe.   By interweaving of the lives of the two brothers, we follow Campbell's spiritual journey from being ordained at sixteen, as he answered Jesus' call to pick up his cross and follow Jesus, eventually leaving the pulpit  and chaplaincy to become involved in the Civil Rights Movement, working beside Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lewis, Ralph Abernathy, and all the others he meets along the way.

Joan Chittister

Bluebridge, 2012

In her newest book, Joan Chittister offers a statement grounded in the precepts of Benedictine rule to follow in the 21st century which gives meaning to those who are seeking for spiritual meaning to their lives.  In the Appendix, Chittister provides a version of the Benedictine Rule for the reader.

Dorothee Soelle

Fortress Press, 2001

In what is considered her finest work, German liberation theologian Soelle examines the character and experience of mysticism which is available to us all as it has been to many mystics in the past.

Oscar Romero

Orbis Books, 1998

This is a stunning book of quotations by Oscar Romero taken from his powerful sermons as he spoke prophetically in truth about the violent oppression of his flock, the ordinary people of El Salvador.

James C. Howell

John Knox Westminster Press, 2012

Howell, a United Methodist pastor and author of The Beauty of the Word  and The Will of God, presents an opportunity to explore this oft-quoted passage from the First Testament, Micah 6:8.  He gives us a background on Micah and his historical setting and brings new understanding to the original meaning of the words which helps us to see this passage in a different way.

Sister Helen Prejean

Vintage, 2006


In her second book, first published in 2005, Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking, takes on the primary issue with the death penalty: innocent people are convicted and executed.

Sister Helen Prejean

Knopf Doubleday, 1994


The bestselling 1993 book by Roman Catholic sister Prejean which is the account of her life-changing relationship with two men on death row in Louisiana.

Rita Nakashima Brock

Rebecca Ann Parker

Beacon Press, 2001


The co-authors and friends wrote this book from their own experiences with suffering and out of their belief that the theology of the cross perpetuates the victimhood of violence, especially for women.

Leymah Gbowee

with Carol Mithers

Beast Books, 2011

A 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner,  Gbowee was instrumental bringing to an end in Libera the presidency of Charles Taylor and long civil war through the peace movement she initiated which united Christian and Muslim women: Liberian Mass Action for Peace.  The reader follows her own gripping and painful life story  alongside that of her country in a well-told narrative of lost dreams finally realized in unimagined ways.


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