The Silent Cry: Mysticism and Resistance

The Silent Cry The Silent Cry Fortress Press

Dorothee Soelle

Fortress Press, 2001

In what is considered her finest work, German liberation theologian Soelle examines the character and experience of mysticism which is available to us all as it has been to many mystics in the past.

She believes mysticism is even more important in our own age of materialism and religious fundamentalism in the 21st century. Drawing on the lives of famous mystics, readers come to see that a spiritually-attuned life is the call to all of us, rather than embracing the violence, consumerism, and inequality of our world.  Soelle was a professor of theology  at United Theological Seminary in New York.

"Soelle is one tough Christian...a rare presence in world Christianity because she embodies the best of classical theology, a clear grasp of our broad social crisis, a lyrical quality of expression and a determination to keep faith linked to political reality."  - Walter Brueggemann

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