Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas

Beyond Belief Beyond Belief Random House

Elaine Pagels

Random House, 2004

With superlative research and insight, Pagels unveils early texts which are a long-forgotten part of Christian history, returning to the riches of Thomas as she struggles with her own faith after the death of her son.

Pagels considers the significance of the rejection of the gospel by the church and draws surprising conclusions.

"Exhilarating reading, Pagels's book offers a model of careful and thoughtful scholarship in the lively and exciting prose of a good mystery writer. " -Publishers Weekly

"This packed, lucid little book belongs to that admirable kind of scholarship in which the labor of acquiring Greek and Coptic, Hebrew and Aramaic, the exhausting study of ancient fragments of text against the background of an intimate knowledge of religious history, can be represented as a spiritual as well as an intellectual exercise." -The New York Times


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