Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes: Cultural Studies in First Corinthians

Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes IVP Academic, 2011

Kenneth E. Bailey

IVP Academic, 2011

The newest study by respected scholar and clergy whose personal experience of living in the the Middle East and thoroughly digesting its culture and history gives a uniquely informed perspective of First Letter to the Corinthians, one of the most quoted Pauline epistles.

Bailey explains the multicultural influences on Paul and offers a deep understanding of the influence of  the broad geographical setting of the earliest time after Christ.

"A veteran student and observer of the Middle East, Ken Bailey has distilled his knowledge and experience in this work of deep pastoral sensitivity, allowing the apostle Paul to come into his own in a way that a conventional reading of Paul does not allow or encourage. Bailey's work teems with learning and insight, and, buoyed by a clear, lively style, it instructs as well as it illuminates and elevates.... I began reading it and couldn't put it down. Go and do thou likewise." -Lamin Sanneh

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