Adrian Curtis

Oxford University Press, 2009

Fourth Edition

Beautiful photographs, wonderful graphics, and completely updated material make this a great resource for those who want to know more about the geographical setting of the Bible, historically, culturally, and archaeologically, taking the reader through the periods of the First and Second Testaments, as well as information about the greater region. In the tradition of Oxford's excellence, the detailed maps are highly readable, and the scholarship is outstanding.

Eugene H. Peterson

NavPress, 2002

 Eugene H. Peterson's bestselling, award-winning translation of the Bible which reinterprets the words into our modern vernacular.

Marvin Meyer and James M. Robinson

HarperCollins, 2009

With a resurgence in the interest in the noncanonical gospels, particularly the gospels of Thomas, Philip, Mary, and Judas, Robinson and Meyer have made a brand new translation of these scriptures which were found in 1945 and first bought to publication in 1978.

Lynn C. Bauman,Ward J. Bauman,

Cynthia Bourgeault

Praxis, 2008

These three gifted scholars and contemplatives offer fresh translations of the gospels of Thomas, Mary Magdalene, and Philip, which have intrigued Christians since their publication in the mid- or late 20th century.

Lynn Bauman

White Cloud Press, 2003

This is a innovative, lively translation of the gospel of Thomas with emphasis on the Wisdom aspects of Jesus.

Karen L. King

Harvard University Press, 2006

In another exciting exploration an early Christian text, the Apocryphon of John, King brings her scholarly expertise and original perspective on the study of this noncanonical gospel discovered in 1896.

Robert Alter

W. W. Norton, 2010

The renowned scholar of First Testament literary biblical criticism, Alter brings a fresh translation to Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes, thrilling us with the beauty of the everlasting living Word.

Richard I. Pervo 

Polebridge Press, 2008

Biblcial scholar Pervo's focus has been on the Book of Acts, a text unique to the Second Testament.  His conclusive book explores its purpose, its history, and its meaning for Christian faith and worship.

Elaine Pagels

Knopf Doubleday, 1979

In her classic, award-winning book, Pagels, renown early church and late antiquities scholar, explains the significance of these long-suppressed Christian scriptures for our heritage and calls into question the canonization of biblical Scripture and establishment of church orthodoxy made by early church leadership.

Kenneth E. Bailey

IVP Academic, 2011

The newest study by respected scholar and clergy whose personal experience of living in the the Middle East and thoroughly digesting its culture and history gives a uniquely informed perspective of First Letter to the Corinthians, one of the most quoted Pauline epistles.

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