Eleonore Stump

Oxford University Press, 2011

Stump takes up the subject of suffering in this impressive work, which she feels is a more apropos word than evil.  It is the suffering that is the result of evil that is painful for humans.

Jurgen Moltmann

Fortress Press, 1993

"This is Jürgen Moltmann's best and therefore most important book. He has substantially changed the central thrust of his theology without sacrificing its most vital element, its passionate concern for alleviation of the world's suffering." -Langdon Gilkey


Diana Butler Bass

HarperOne, 2012

Highly respected author and scholar on the contemporary church, Diana Butler Bass focuses her newest book, Christianity After Religion, on thre areas: the reasons for the recent decline of the Christian church, the movement for change within that community, and the history of America's spiritual awakenings.

Reinhold Niebuhr

Robert McAfee Brown, editor

Yale University Press, 1986

Edited by a former Niebuhr student, this anthology of the most influential American theologian of the 20th century has found new readers in the 21st.  Niebuhr was a professor of Bonhoeffer's at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, 1930-1931.

Walter Brueggemann

Westminster John Knox Press, 2010

 Widely-respected First Testament theologian and author, Brueggemann goes to the texts of Exodus, Jeremiah, and Isaiah for inspiration and models of hope and restoration in our 21st century world as he asks what the role of the church should be and urges us to seek the greater "common good" for all in this time of economic and social crisis.

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Edward J. Blum 

Paul Harvey

University of North Carolina Press, 2012 


Edward J. Blum and Paul Harvey, both university professors, collaborate to trace American portrayal of the color of Jesus Christ and its profound effect on creating and shaping United States history, society, and religion.