Eugene Peterson

HarperOne, 2011

Peterson's newest book is about his adventure as a founding pastor of Christ Our King Presbyterian Church in Bel Air, Maryland where he served for thirty years.  In The Pastor he examines what it means to be clergy of a church and the role of parish ministry in our secular culture.


G. Jeffrey MacDonald

Basic Books, 2010

A critique of American  Protestant churches' acquiescience to consumerism, MacDonald raises serious concerns about the  current state of congregations.

Jimmy Creech

Duke University Press, 2011

Creech is a United Methodist minister who finds his preconceived beliefs about homosexuality challenged when faced with the pain of a gay man in his parish who is confronted with the intolerance within the denomination.

Carol Howard Merritt

Alban Institute, 2010 


Merritt, a Presbyterian minister and perceptive and frank observer of the 21st century church, (author of Tribal Church) considers the dilemma that many churches are now facing with the current social, economic, and generational transitions.

Brett Webb-Mitchell

Church Publishing Inc., 2010

Presbyterian minister Webb-Mitchell looks honestly at the attitudes within church communities towards towards people with disabilities in the context of biblical perspectives of spiritual gifts of all members of the body of Christ and our relationship to one another.

Sister Helen Prejean

Knopf Doubleday, 1994


The bestselling 1993 book by Roman Catholic sister Prejean which is the account of her life-changing relationship with two men on death row in Louisiana.

Sister Helen Prejean

Vintage, 2006


In her second book, first published in 2005, Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking, takes on the primary issue with the death penalty: innocent people are convicted and executed.

Emmanuel Katangole

Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2010 

Professor and priest, Katangole reflects on the political and spiritual crisis in African countries and concludes that hope lies in churches willingness and readiness to lead the way to change and sacrifice. Through examples of individual sacrifice and commitment, conflict can be overcome and replaced by a new future.


Bernadette J. Brooten, editor

Jacqueline L. Hazelton, assistant to the editor

Palgrave Macmillan, 2010

This stunning collection of essays on American slavery looks at the religious and social factors in its establishment and history and the profound continuing impact on our country almost a century and a half since its abolishment.


William Keepin

Cynthia Brix

Hohm Press, 2009


Internationally recognized teachers and trainers for gender empowerment, Keepin and Brix tell about the work in Pune, India to overcome the oppression of women there and of saving their lives at "Maher," a place of refuge headed by a Roman Catholic sister for abused and battered women and their children.

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