Diana Beresford-Kroeger

Diana Beresford-Kroeger Diana Beresford-Kroeger ©Erika Beresford-Kroeger


Born and raised in Ireland, Diana Beresford-Kroeger is a botanist, medical biochemist, agricultural researcher, lecturer, and self-proclaimed "renegade scientist" in the fields of botany, chemistry, horticulture, and indigenous plant medicine. She masterfully brings together all this science and her Celtic spiritual roots to her ongoing research, all of which she shares in her writings. She wrote A Garden for Life, Arboretum America, The Global Forest, and Arboretum Borealis.

Her books are dedicated to educating our profit-minded and consumer-oriented society about the vital necessity of trees and other plants to the interrelationship of the natural world and the survival of humankind. She imparts her exceptionally vast knowledge about the life cycles of the trees; the processes of their circulatory systems which work to sustain the global balance of carbon and oxygen; and the medicinal qualities of trees and plants that save lives and which have the potential to save many more, if only we would first save them. She is a Wings Worldquest Fellow and a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Beresford-Kroeger and her husband, Christian Kroeger, who is the photographer for her books, live in Ontario, Canada, where she maintains her own collection of rare and endangered species and carries out further research into their mysteries.