Roberta C. Bondi is professor emerita of church history at Candler School of Theology at Emory University.

Roberta C. Bondi

Fortress Press, 1987


Roberta Bondi, scholar and retired professor of church history, brings her intimate knowledge of the desert mothers and fathers and shares their experience with God's divine love at the heart of Christian faith. By their contemplative life, these men and women followed the path of love which brought them not only the humility to confront their own shortcomings, but a deep peace of union with God.

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Roberta C. Bondi

Fortress Press, 1991


Bondi, a retired professor of early church history and author of To Love as God Loves, focuses on the prayer of the desert  mothers and fathers and what we learn about prayer from the wisdom of their experience. She examines the struggles of all of us to develop a deeper relationship with God through prayer and shows us path to a fuller life of prayer as the monastics taught.