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On this site, you can browse through a selection of quality books which are hand-picked for their appeal to thoughtful Christians on the path to consciousness in the 21st century. Faith in Books readers are curious in their faith and long to deepen their relationship with God through prayer, meditation, and are moved to act with justice for the sake of the gospel. We offer books which will lead and challenge you on your spiritual journey and in the world. Like your favorite bookshop, Faith in Books has books on a variety of subjects, both present and future classics. Our reviews are short and concise--the best has already been chosen for you. Take a look at our newest books under Latest. In the Book Gallery you will also find more suggestions for stimulating reading. Whether it's poetry or prayer, the Enneagram or the Earth, Faith in Books has books to open your faith, light your mind, and warm your heart.


Faith in Books:

  • Lists featured authors who are first-rate and of contemporary interest
  • Provides a special focus on the consciousness movement, with writings on Celtic and wisdom spirituality and contemplative prayer
  • Presents current and classic authors on Christian understanding and practice, including spiritual direction and emerging church
  • Has books on interfaith interests and perspectives
  • Offers the best in Enneagram material
  • Includes a Sacred Earth section with books on trees and appreciation of creation
  • Brings in books with historical and current perspectives on today's world issues and about justice concerns
  • Highlights biography, fiction, and poetry, as well as the occasional DVD 

You don't see a certain book you want or have a recommendation? Contact us and we'll get it on the site. Thank you so much for visiting and we hope you'll visit again soon.