Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self

Immortal Diamond Immortal Diamond Jossey-Bass

Richard Rohr

Jossey-Bass, 2012


Admired and loved the world over, author and Franciscan priest Richard Rohr continues his discussion on the spiritual dimension of our lives in his newest book, Immortal Diamond. Where Falling Upward told us the story of the False Self, Immortal Diamond reveals the beauty of the True Self, which is like an "immortal diamond," a phrase taken from the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Rohr explains that the True Self is a treasure deep within us that is buried under our egos which can be unearthed and resurrected, like Jesus, but only through our own transformation. Once again, Rohr generously shares his wisdom and leads us to the place where we can dive deep and bring up to the surface our shining True Self which lies within. As ever, Richard Rohr's loving words and gentle guidance are comforting companions on this journey of life.  He gives us another book not to be missed. 


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