The Desert Mothers: Spiritual Practices from the Women of the Wilderness

The Desert Mothers The Desert Mothers Morehouse Publishing

Mary C. Earle

Morehouse Publishing, 2007 


Here is a wonderful book which guides the reader into the stories and spiritual practices of holy mothers, the ammas, of the early church in the Near Eastern desert.  Earle, an Episcopal priest, spiritual director, and author of Beginning Again, Broken Body, Healing Spirit, and Marvelously Made introduces us to the women mystics who birthed the Christian contemplative movement.

We learn how and what they taught their students and are given that  wisdom for our own learning.  Earle offers us their example which can be a guide for our own daily practices and quality of living.  She also makes suggestions based on her own wisdom. The reader feels as if they are with the author in a personal, one-on-one encounter, soaking up her warmth and knowledge.  A private retreat in itself, this is a fine little book for beginning or re-committing to a spiritual path or for your refreshment on the journey.  

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