The Gift: Poems by Hafiz the Great Sufi Master

The Gift The Gift Penguin Compass


Daniel Ladinsky, translator

Penguin Compass, 1999

This collection by the Persian poet Hafiz of 250 poems illustrates why he, like Rumi (born a century earlier) is also an admired favorite throughout history. Hafiz's approach is more direct and blunter at times, yet as a Sufi master, he too shares a mystical relationship with God as the Beloved and Friend.

Hafiz challenges his readers by expressions of his spiritual experiences and by enticing them onto the same path.  Ladinsky is a translator of previous books of Hafiz and other poets including Rumi. His loving dedication to the task is evident.  For a deeper exploration into the literature of Sufi mystical tradition, these poems stand equal to Rumi and are as deserving of discovery.


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