The 12 Elixirs: A Handbook of Natural Health Care

The 12 Elixirs The 12 Elixirs Balboa Press

Dr. T. L. Riabokin

Balboa Press, 2016

The 12 Elixirs is a unique and inspiring owner's manual of natural care for our greatest treasure to us, our bodies. Dr. Riabokin, a holistic doctor of chiropractic medicine with over thirty years of helping people heal and stay well, has given us a tremendous gift to our health and our lives. Rather than a book of disease symptoms and prescriptions, it is a celebration of the harmonious workings of the human body as they were created to be.

Dr. Riabokin shares her compilation of wisdom for wellness for which she humbly credits her teachers and mentors along with the legacy of traditional medicine handed down for generations. With gentle humor, she instructs and encourages readers to drop the bad habits and misconceptions that are now so accepted in our culture, even amongst the medical establishment, and listen to our bodies in order to decipher what they are saying to us.  She covers seemingly harmless nuisances to serious debilitating problems, reminding us that, left unattended to, the former can become the latter. Chapters on each stage of life from birth to death highlight common concerns, misunderstandings, and diseases, which Dr. Riabokin explains with a clear knowledge, offering practical remedies which are within our scope to apply. The unifying theme of her book, the twelve elixers, are the basic aspects we all require for our optimum health (e.g., breathing, water, food, sleep, movement, etc.), and she tells us how to practice them properly so that they can function marvelously as they should. Scattered throughout are intriguing case studies and her charming illustrations. Amidst the uproar over national health insurance and ever-rising cost of health care and numbers of those in need of it, Dr. Riabokin’s professional advice is plain: Respect the beautiful harmony of bodies and honor inherent powers for healing and we will have a long life of well-being that is our birthright.


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