Desperately Seeking Spirituality: A Field Guide to Practice

Desperately Seeking Spirituality Desperately Seeking Spirituality Liturgical Press

Meredith Gould

Liturgical Press, 2016

Sociologist Meredith Gould has written an insightful, humorous guide for those of us beginning on the path of spiritual development as well as those seasoned travelers yearning for new experiences. Rather than urging people to follow a particular practice which appeals to her, Gould encourages readers to find one that suits their needs, personality, and daily lives.

She also urges patience and persistence as we make our way through age-old procedures and prayers such as lectio divina (praying with scripture) and personal retreats. As a veteran of the Twelve Steps recovery program, Gould is excellent at posing questions that invite further self-understanding and explore our expectation in this process where all aspects of our nature—body, mind, and heart—are called into play to explore, discover, and take inventory of ourselves along various stages of the journey.

Gould examines qualities and perspectives which are helpful in spurring us on in our spiritual growth such as willingness and curiosity and looks at the gains of applying them versus our loss if we don’t. She understands human weaknesses yet just as adeptly helps us to reach for the possibilities we only can imagine so that someday our seeking eventually will be done not always out of desperation but through being led by the Spirit, God, or grace in the direction we are meant to go in our lives. Desperately Seeking Spirituality is an excellent reading choice not only for an enthusiast but for clergy and spiritual directors to give to parishioners and directees who are eager to deepen awareness of themselves and the divine they seek.

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