Cindy Crosby

Northwestern University Press, 2017

Cindy Crosby, naturalist, teacher, and author of By Willoway Brook and other works, has written a thorough yet concise introduction to the tallgrass prairie that will enchant prairie-lovers and entice the curious. With her inviting prose, she ushers readers into the wonders of this ancient landscape which once stretched across the central states of America. She tells us about the history of the land and its people: how prairies are formed and how Native Americans and then European settlers lived, traveled, and responded to the tallgrass prairie, including folklore and medicinal uses for plants.

Edited by John T. Price

University of Iowa Press, 2014

Author and English professor Price edited this unique collection of writings by the prairie's inhabitants, explorers, and visitors from the seventeenth century up to today who reflect on their impressions of the once-prevailing landscape which stretched north to south right through the center of what is now the continental United States.

Timothy P. Spira

The University of North Carolina Press, 2011

Here is an excellent, thorough guide to wildflowers, trees, shrubs, and other plants in the Southern Appalachians and foothills of the piedmont.  In accordance with a holistic view of the natural world, Spira, a professor of botany, the book is arranged by natural communities of the plants so that the reader has a complete picture of the ecosystem the plants' interrelationship with animals, insects, and one another.

David Sington, director

ThinkFilm, 2008


This is a terrific 2007 film about the space flights to the moon beginning in 1968 to 1972.  It focuses on the fascinating interviews with the ten surviving astronauts who went to the moon and were part of the space program since the mid-1960's.

Annie Dillard

Harper, 2007

In 1974 Dillard published writings about her year living by Tinker Creek in Virginia amongst the natural world and other neighbors around her. Wonderfully detailed about nature, with reflections about God, and life thoughtfully and sometimes slyly observed, this Pulitzer prize-winner stands as a twentieth century classic and into the next one.

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Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon, editors

HarperCollins, 1991

Although this book was published twenty years ago, its prayers still ring with truth and purpose for our time, maybe even more so.  A collection of prayers from all different traditions, and religious figures, as well as famous poets, it is divided into sections for various occasions such as Praise and Thanksgiving, Blessings and Invocations, Cycles of Life.


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  Thomas Berry

Columbia University Press, 2009

This is a culminating collection of Berry's writings and lifelong commitment to the sacredness of the earth and protection of it.