Parker Palmer

Jossey-Bass, 2011

Palmer, author of the classic Let Your Life Speak, has written a new book which challenges our current practice of democracy and asks us to embrace the  "the heart's alchemy that can turn suffering into community, conflict into the energy of creativity, and tension into an opening toward the common good."

Mary Oliver

Beacon Press, 2010

Oliver's newest volume is her twentieth, filled with a notable sense of her usual joy that she finds in appreciating the beauty of nature around her and of living in the world.

Edwin Robertson, editor and translator

Zondervan, 2002

This small volume is a collection of various writings of Bonhoeffer on a number of the psalms of the First Testatment.

Donald Jackson, Illuminator

Saint John's University, 2010

This is the latest achievement in the world-acclaimed Saint John's Bible series by Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator.

Jelaluddin Rumi

Translated by Kabir Helminski

Shambhala Publications, 2000

Sufi poet Rumi speaks of the many aspects of spiritual love in this collection of poems which celebrate, ponder, and lament its mystery.  Helminski's biographical introduction explains the unique spiritual relationship between Rumi and Shams Tabriz and the meaning of the "Beloved' so often referred to in the poems. This small volume conveys the intensity of the sacred divine love that enveloped their legeddary and mysterious friendship.  


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Tina Chang, Nathalie Handal, and Ravi Shankar

W. W. Norton, 2007

A unique anthology of multicultural and international poets who evoke their most intimate and universal experiences of life. It's an extraordinary opportunity to be introduced to poets from the other side of the globe and have a glimpse of their lives.

Michael Wise, Martin Abegg, Jr., and Edward Cook

HarperCollins, 2005

A new translation since 1996, this is the most complete edition of the legendary Dead Sea Scrolls scriptures which written in the first century BCE and were found in caves at Qumran in 1946-47.

Miroslav Wolf, editor

Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2012


This book is the result of conversations in a successive pair of consultations whereby religious thinkers and believers in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam considered the question which has been an issue for centuries: whether all three monotheistic faiths worship the same God.

Jerome Murphy-O'Connor

Oxford University Press, 2008

Fifth Edition


This classic guidebook gives outstanding historical and archaeological details about the sites in this ancient land, both holy and secular. No tourist/pilgrim should leave for the Holy Land without it.

Edited by Michael D. Coogan, Marc Z. Brettler, Carol A. Newsom, and Pheme Perkins

Fourth Edition

Oxford University Press, 2010

A favorite choice amongst clergy, academics, and seminarians, this New Oxford Annotated Bible (NRSV with the Apocrypha) is now in its fourth edition with a new format, updated maps, and with fifty percent new material.

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