Mary Oliver

Beacon Press, 2004

Oliver's twelfth volume of poetry, containing forty-seven poems, celebrates the wonder of nature and the mystery of being alive in God's creation. 


Madeleine L'Engle

Shaw Books, 2005

This is a fabulous collection of L'Engle's 200 poems about, life, faith, and mystery. In her words, "Poetry, at least the kind I write, is written out of immediate need; it is written out of pain, joy, and experience too great to be borne until it is ordered into words. And then it is written to be shared.”


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Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Edited by Manfred Weber

Westminster John Knox Press, 1996

This is a small collection of Bonhoeffer's superlative meditations and thoughts on the the Cross of Jesus Christ, on its purpose by God and its meaning for Christians, drawn from various writings.  It is a wonderful book for Lent and Easter as well as for anyone seeking a focus for their own devotion and reflection.

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Andy Carr and Michael Wood

Shambhala Publications, 2011


The photographer authors take a Buddhist mindfulness approach to helping readers photographer to see with new eyes the world around them, noticing the details in the present moment and the beauty in the ordinary.

Emily Dickinson

Thomas H. Johnson, editor

Little, Brown 1976

This is the complete collection by Emily Dickinson, the brilliant, famously reclusive 19th century poet whose poems are as fresh as today.  She left the formal church as a teenager, but saw the living world as a sacred place.

Elaine Pagels

Random House, 2004

With superlative research and insight, Pagels unveils early texts which are a long-forgotten part of Christian history, returning to the riches of Thomas as she struggles with her own faith after the death of her son.

Adrian Curtis

Oxford University Press, 2009

Fourth Edition

Beautiful photographs, wonderful graphics, and completely updated material make this a great resource for those who want to know more about the geographical setting of the Bible, historically, culturally, and archaeologically, taking the reader through the periods of the First and Second Testaments, as well as information about the greater region. In the tradition of Oxford's excellence, the detailed maps are highly readable, and the scholarship is outstanding.

Susan Stewart

University of Chicago, 2005

Published in hardcover in 2003, Stewart's breathtaking volume of poetry is a wonderful discovery.  Her poems have a startling impact as they reflect on the odd moments and everyday phenomenon which are crucial to living.

Sandy Tolan

Bloomsbury, 2006

A compelling story of two families, Israeli and Palestinian, as they endure more than 70 years of strife and warfare between their people, and how their lives intertwine in the heart of it.

Eugene H. Peterson

NavPress, 2002

 Eugene H. Peterson's bestselling, award-winning translation of the Bible which reinterprets the words into our modern vernacular.

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