Martin Palmer

Nigel Palmer

HiddenSpring, 2000

For those who love the British Isles and are enthralled by the mystery of its sacred sites, here is a wonderful guide for you!

Rachel Barenblat

Phoenicia Publishing, 2011


Rachel Barenblat is a Jewish Renewal rabbi, poet, and blogger whose poetry has been published in various periodicals and her own books. 70 Faces: Torah Poems is a reference to "There are seventy faces to Torah" from Bamidbar Rabbah 13:15, a midrash on the Book of Numbers.

David Grossman

Knopf Doubleday, 2010

"[Grossman] weaves the essences of private life into the tapestry of history with deliberate and delicate skill...

Robert Alter

W. W. Norton, 2010

The renowned scholar of First Testament literary biblical criticism, Alter brings a fresh translation to Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes, thrilling us with the beauty of the everlasting living Word.

Kay Ryan

Grove Press, 2011

Pulitizer prize winner and former American Poet Laureate  (2008-2010) Ryan offers a collection of her poems, which are not merely "accessible," but real.  They are often compared to haikus, but they are in a longer version.


Mitri Raheb

Augsburg Fortress, 1995


As a Lutheran pastor in Bethlehem, Raheb is living amid the conflict around him as part of the growing Christian minority. He presents a plea for reconciliation within the context of his Christian biblical theology and personal experience.


Richard I. Pervo 

Polebridge Press, 2008

Biblcial scholar Pervo's focus has been on the Book of Acts, a text unique to the Second Testament.  His conclusive book explores its purpose, its history, and its meaning for Christian faith and worship.

Karen Armstrong

Random House, 1996

Karen Armstrong traces the birth of Jerusalem and takes the reader up to the present day of her writing. She deftly narrates the long history of the passion of three major faiths  for their holy city. Amongst all that it includes, what may be most educational for Christians is the description of the worst consequence of our own zealotry, the Crusades.

Elaine Pagels

Knopf Doubleday, 1979

In her classic, award-winning book, Pagels, renown early church and late antiquities scholar, explains the significance of these long-suppressed Christian scriptures for our heritage and calls into question the canonization of biblical Scripture and establishment of church orthodoxy made by early church leadership.

Mary Oliver

Penguin Press, 2012 

The beloved contemporary poet's newest volume of poetry about the mysteries of nature, life, and death.


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