Justo L. Gonzalez

Westminster John Knox Press, 2010

This commentary on Luke is part of a brand-new series which offers contemporary context for reflection and preaching.  Gonzalez is a retired historical theologian and author of the two-volume series, The Story of Christianity.

Valerie K. Isenhower

Upper Room Books, 2012


Isenhower, a photographer based in New Mexico, takes the reader through the spiritual process of photographing  scene. It is a spiritual journey for the photographer of centering, listening, waiting, being attentive, seeing the story, practicing silence, healing, and ending the day,

William C. Placher

Westminster John Knox Press, 2010

This commentary on Mark is part of a brand-new commentary series which offers a context for contemporary reflection and preaching.  It was Placher's last book.

Robert Tomson Fortna

Augsburg Fortress, 2000

Robert Fortna continues in the first part of the book his pioneering exploration of the source material of the Gospel of John with commentary on the source and redactions.  In the second part explicates the theological and christological development of John's community within their social and cultural experience.

J. Brent Bill

Paraclete Press, 2005

J. Brent Bill is a widely-known Quaker author and leader. So his understanding of that spiritual heritage (formally called the Society of Friends) has deep roots and his articulation of it is well-informed, inspiring, and warmly presented. He guides readers into a wonderful introduction to Quaker history and theology, emphasizing particularly the concept of silence as the sacramental presence of Christ:"..we believe that when our hearts, minds, and souls are still, and we wait expectantly in holy silence, that the presence of Christ comes among us." (p. 3). 

N. T. Wright

HarperOne, 2011

Anglican bishop and scholar Wright's latest book is a revised and previously expanded from his book The Last Word (2006), Wright sets forth a new model for understanding and applying the Bible amidst the conflicting perspectives and aims of its readers, where one can truly listen and hear the word of God.

Roger Hutchison

Foreword by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso

Morehouse Publishing, 2013

An artist and Canon for Children's Ministries, Hutchison understands the benefits of artistic expression and the needs of children--and all of us--to express our feelings through art and creativity. His unique book allows individuals and groups to share the variety of emotions and reflections in times of joy and grief.

J. Louis Martyn

Westminster John Knox, 2003

Martyn's book was originally published in 1968, presenting groundbreaking scholarly research regarding the Johannine community and the community's unique significance and impact on the gospel of John.

Will D. Campbell

Westminster John Knox Press, 1999

Author, minister, and civil rights activist Campbell wrote about the ironies, surprises, and wondrous moments he observed or heard about as little glimpses of life. With wry humor and wisdom, he tells us these stories.

Richard Rohr

St. Anthony Messenger, 2008

Richard Rohr looks lovingly at Scripture in a new way for our times as post-millennial Christians. He shows us how love and abundance in the Word of God are available to us and our relationships in the everyday stresses of life. Things Hidden has just been released as a CD.


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